IDRN Center

The major activities of the IDRN is operated by a IDRN center which works under the Department of Animal Nutrition of Bangladesh Agricultural University. The team approach is the key working principle for the network operation. The center consists of the five different levels of team who works together to produce the outpout for serving the dairy industry one in one hand and on the other hand to carry out the academic research: 


i) A panel of experts and advisers: who are responsible for guiding the overall process of the network input and output.  A panel of 15 experts are currently working as advisers

ii) Network coordinator: who is the main idea generator and make a bridge between the Team Leader and Panel of experts. Dr. Mohammad Mohi UDdin-Assoicate Professor, Department of Animal Nutrition is working as Network coordinator 

iii) Team Leader: who is responsible for managing the team members. Prof. Dr. Md. Salauddin Palash of the Department of Agribusiness and Marketing of Bangladesh Agricultural University has been working as Team Leader

iv) Network Manager: who is mainly responsible for day-to-day network operations and ensures the content of the network. Dr. Mst. Nadira Sultana, Chief Investigator of the IFS funded project is working as Network Manager 

v) Research Fellows: Mainly PhD and Masters students who do the work on database management and content output as per the guidance of the Network manager. Currently Ms. Amrin Akter, Shahriar Sojib, Imtiaz Ahmed, Mst. Mashrufa Tanzin, and Md. Salahuddin are working as Research Fellows.


To support the core team, the center has established a strong database team of 46 members who collect their data from 20 districts monthly. The team consists of Undergraudate students, MS students and Researchers from different organzation.