The "Integrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN) was established officially on July 1, 2018 under the Department of Animal Nutrition especially in the research group of Dairy Nutrition, Economics, Environment and Marketing. This network will be an independent organization which will be affiliated with the Department of Animal Nutrition for making its legal basis for regular operation. This network is an outcome of the application of the methodology of the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN), Germany which was funded by National Agricultural Technological Project-Phase II under Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council and the project of Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) which belongs to the Ministry of Education.

The establishment of the Integrated Dairy Research Network was first realized and gained dairy stakeholders' attention during the first time in October 21, 2017 during the first panel meeting which was held in Rural Development Academy in Bogura. In that meeting, a number key dairy stakeholders were present covering from University, dairy cooperatives, dairy processors, representative from the department of livestock services, academic and research organization, researchers, and dairy farmers. Prof. Dr. Md. Jasimuddin Khan, pro-vice chancellor of Bangladesh Agricultural University was present as Guest of Honour and Dr. Md. Abdul Matin, Director General of Rural Development Academy, Bogura was present as chairperson of the meeting. The representative from Milk vita, Pran dairy ltd, BRAC dairy and Foods, Bangladesh Livestock Research Institutes, Rural Development Academy and several others highly emphasized on the need of the establishment of the dairy network in Bangladesh.  Since then, a number of meetings with different stakeholders both at National and International organization have been done for seeking their feedback on the possible establishment of the dairy network. A tremendous step on the formation of team to do day-to-day activities has also been taking.

As a first step, Dr. Mohammad Mohi Uddin, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Nutrition, Bangladesh Agricultural University has been working as Network Coordinator who is also Principal Investigator of the projects (both NATP and MoE). Dr. Mohammad Mohi Uddin has a strong background on working on international database team and have work experiences in two network: 1) International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) which is situated in the University of Kiel, Germany as Team Leader of the dairy farm analysis, 2) Asia Pacific Animal Feed Network (apaf-network) as network coordinator which was operating under the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). 

The network is aiming at generating knowledge by establishing a common plat form for researchers, farmers, processors, university and government representatives. The network will be operated through its independent sourcing of fund once the project support is ended. 

Since it is a new and innovative concept in the context of Bangladesh dairy sector, the network is seeking constructive feedback and suggestions either in the form of legal issues or any kind of operation process are welcome. An workshop on the establishment of the dairy network will held on 8th of December, 2018 at Animal Husbandry Conference room where you are welcome to participate and can provide your valuable opinion.