Mr. Md. Rahat Ahmad  Redoy
Mr. Md. Rahat Ahmad Redoy

Assistant Professor Contact No : +8801676081039
Department of Animal Nutrition Email :
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Research Interest:    Phytogenic feed additives in animal nutrition, poultry waste recycling as animal feed, Feed milling industry, animal products quality  
B.Sc. A.H. (Hons.)    - 2016
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS In Animal Nutrition    - 2018
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Total Number:  5

◉ Influence of phytogenic supplements on nutritional status, endocrine profiles, and meat quality in broiler (2020-21), funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.

 Efficacy of organic and inorganic acid to improve the storage, nutritional, quality and feeding value of poultry viscera meal for broiler (2019-20), funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.

◉ Impact of herbal bioactive components on antioxidant function, rumen fermentation and nutrient digestibility in cattle: A step toward nutritional security (2017-20), funded by Bangladesh Academy of Science, Bangladesh, and United States Department of Agriculture.

◉ Value addition of feeds and fodder through herbal bioactive component rich herbs for safe livestock production (2017-20), funded by Krishi Gobeshona Foundation, Bangladesh.

◉ Production of low cholesterol healthy mutton by using natural herbs, funded by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (2017-19), Bangladesh.

Total Number:  7

  Four Country Consortium Program (2015) organized by Shinshu University, Japan

  Internship Program (2016) organized by Faculty of Animal Husbandry, BAU

  Extension Field Trip (2016) organized by Department of Agricultural extension Education, BAU

  SPSS Training Program (2016) organized by Inter Disciplinary Center for Food Security, BAU

  HPLC Maintenance and Troubleshooting (2018) organized by Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User scientists of Bangladesh, Dhaka

  An advanced course on Communicative English (2019) organized by Department of Languages,BAU

Basics of MS office"(MS Word, MS Excel, cell formatting and Data recording and Power point) (2019) organized by Graduate Training Institute, BAU

Assistant Professor
01 Oct, 2020 -
01 Oct, 2018 - 30 Sep, 2020
Total Number:  12

◉ MRA Redoy, MM Rahman, M Al-Mamun and KMS Islam  (2021).  Short time preservation of poultry viscera meal and its potentiality as a source of protein in broiler diet.  International Journal of Poultry Science 20(2),67-75.

◉ MM Reza*, MRA Redoy* [*First author], MA Rahman, S Ety, MA Alim, L Cheng and M Al-Mamun (2021). Response of plantain (Plantago lanceolata L.) supplementation on nutritional, endo-parasitic, and endocrine status in lambs. Tropical Animal Health and Production 53, 82.  [*Equal contribution by 1st 2 authors]

◉ MA Rahman, D Ray, MRA Redoy and M Al-Mamun. (2021). Dose titration of herbs mixture powder supplementation on laying performance and egg quality in commercial layer chicken. Livestock Research for Rural Development 33(1)

 SD Chowdhury, BC Ray, A Khatun, MRA Redoy and  AS Afsana (2020).  Application of probiotics in layer diets: a review.  Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science 49(1), 1-12.

MRA Redoy, M Al-Mamun and MJ Khan (2020). Strategic herbal supplementation in sheep.  1st Ed. LAMBERT Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-620-2-66845-3.

M.R.A. Redoy, A.A.S. Shuvo, L. Cheng and M. Al-Mamun (2020). Effect of herbal supplementation on growth, immunity, rumen histology, serum antioxidants and meat quality of sheep. Animal 14(11), 2433-2441.

◉ Camy, M., Redoy, M., Shuvo, A., Ray, B., Rahman, M., & Al-Mamun, M. (2020). Effect of aqueous herbal extracts on growth, plasma metabolites and meat characteristics of broiler. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science 48(2), 108-115.

  Islam, R., M.R.A. Redoy, A.A.S. Shuvo, M.A.H. Sarker, M.A. Akbar, M. Al-Mamun (2017). Effect of pellet from total mixed ration on growth performance, blood metabolomics, carcass and meat characteristics on Bangladeshi Garole sheep. Progressive Agriculture 28 (3), 222-229.

◉  Redoy, M.R.A., A.A.S. Shuvo and M Al-Mamun (2017). A review on present status, problems and prospects of quail farming in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science 46 (2), 109-120

  Redoy, M.R.A., A.A.S. Shuvo and M Al-Mamun (2017). Effect of herbal supplementation to TMR diet on lipid profile of blood and meat in sheep. VIII International Agriculture Symposium "AGROSYM 2017", Bosnia and Herzegovina. Link

  Sarker, D., MRA Redoy, NC Sarker, MT Kamal and M Al-Mamun (2016). Effect of used rice straw of mushroom cultivation on growth performance and plasma metabolites in beef cattle. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science 45 (3), 40-45.

  S. R.  Shishir, H. M. Murshed, M. R. Ahmad, K. M. S. Islam, Z. H. Khandaker (2016). Effect of organic acid addition in low protein and energy diet on the performance of broiler. Journal of Agricultural Science 1(2), 29-37. Link



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Title Institution Subject Receipt Date
Prime Minister Gold Medal-2016 UGC, Bangladesh For Securing Highest Grade in Bachelor 2016
NST Fellowship Ministry of National Science and Technology, Bangladesh Animal Nutrition 2017
UGC Merit Award UGC, Bangladesh Animal Husbandry 2015
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Member Animal Nutrition Society and Feed Safety
Life member Progressive Agriculturist
Member Krishibid Institute
Member Bangladesh Animal Husbandry Association